"In Camphill, we've found a community beyond our family circle where [our brother] Andrew is similarly appreciated and loved."

- Jill C. and Amy R.

About Us

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Camphill Soltane is a non-profit organization, a member of the international Camphill Movement, and a human services provider located in southeastern PA.

Camphill Soltane provides opportunities for young adults and adults with special needs to discover their talents and grow their capacities so they can take their place in the world as valued contributors. Our varied residential settings offer supportive, relationship-rich environments that emphasize interdependence and shared responsibility, while our educational and vocational programs develop individuals’ practical and professional skills.

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Young adults may enroll in our Learning for Life educational program as residential or day students. This 5-year liberal-arts based curriculum brings the best elements of a college experience to young adults with special needs. Admission to the Learning for Life program is the starting point for participation in all other programs of Camphill Soltane. Learn more >

Upon graduation, students may be invited to participate in two years of postgraduate work as apprentices in Soltane Works, to systematically explore career options and work alongside professionals in a field.

Following their two-year apprenticeships, post-graduates may opt to join Soltane Works as full-time professional workers. Soltane Works encompasses several work areas in Glenmoore and Phoenixville, as well as a network of independent employers in the surrounding area. Soltane Works offers collaborative and supportive work settings in a variety of fields, including textile design, artisanal food crafting, baking, land and orchard care, recycling and cleaning, and more. Learn more >

Individuals may take part in Camphill Soltane’s programs as residential or day participants. Students, postgraduates or professional workers may live in one of the houses or apartments on our main 52-acre site in Glenmoore, while participants in our Soltane Bridges program have the option to live in an affiliated home in the nearby town of Phoenixville while participating in Camphill Soltane’s day program. In all scenarios, residential support is provided in many different ways by supporters who may share a home with people with special needs, or live independently nearby. Learn more >

Our programs are supported by an organizational infrastructure that includes full-time volunteers, called coworkers, as well as employed staff who lead classes or support work areas, live in or provide support in houses, perform administrative duties, maintain the physical plant, and more. A separate supporting organization, the Camphill Soltane Foundation, provides fundraising and outreach support for Camphill Soltane. See Key Staff and Boards >

History and Mission

Apple pickingCamphill Soltane was founded in Chester County in 1988. Two other Camphill communities in Chester County – Camphill Special School and Camphill Village Kimberton Hills – were already in existence at that time, providing K-12 education, and land and craft-based work for older adults with special needs, respectively. The founders of Camphill Soltane recognized the gap in educational opportunities and choice of work for young adults with special needs. They envisioned a Camphill community that would provide a college-like experience for these young people to facilitate their transition into adulthood.


All Camphill communities are based on a spiritual understanding of the human being.  Anthroposophy (literally “wisdom of the human being”) was conceived by Dr. Rudolf Steiner of Austria in the early 20th century. Insights from Anthroposophy have given rise to Camphill communities, Waldorf education, bio-dynamic agriculture, and new forms of medicine, therapies, and the arts. All share a common dream of social, cultural, and economic renewal.