"The smallest accomplishments are celebrated with an extraordinary respect for individual differences. There is a rhythm, a consistency and a calmness to the days at Soltane. It is beautiful to witness."

- Hallie P., parent of community resident Nate P.

About us

Camphill Soltane is a vibrant community made up of young adults with developmental disabilities, adults with developmental disabilities, and full-time, residential volunteers and families who live, learn, and work together.

Soltane SignThe experience of Camphill Soltane is potentially transformative for every member of the community. Young adults with disabilities (“students”) embark upon a path of education that builds their social and practical capacities, while the lifestyle supports their inner growth and personal maturation process. Adults with disabilities (“community residents”) act as role models and mentors for students. Their focus is on vocational life, with work, community service, connections to the local community, and social networks taking center stage. Volunteers from all over the world (“coworkers”) come and join our community for at least a year of service; some begin their careers here, with hands-on experience in social work and education, while others find their vocation and stay for many years.  

Camphill Soltane, a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization, was founded in 1988 on a 50-acre site about an hour west of Philadelphia. Camphill Soltane is one of more than 100 communities in the international Camphill Movement, which began in Europe in 1939 as a humanitarian response to the social and moral conditions of the time. The founders of Camphill realized that sharing life with people who need more support or a different pace of life brings beautiful qualities into all our lives.

Camphill Soltane is based on a spiritual understanding of the human being, the earth and the universe.  Anthroposophy (literally “wisdom of the human being”) was conceived by Dr. Rudolf Steiner of Austria in the early decades of the 20th century. Anthroposophy has sparked innovations in many areas of life, and has given rise not only to Camphill communities,  but to Waldorf education, bio-dynamic agriculture, and new forms of medicine, therapies, and the arts. All share a common dream of social, cultural, and economic renewal.

Please view our video for a closer look into what makes Camphill Soltane so special! Group on bench


Video written, directed and produced by Steve Mohl, American Film Works Inc.

At Camphill Soltane, our foundation in anthroposophy manifests itself in the recognition that each human being is made up of a body, soul, and spirit, and we believe each of these aspects has the capacity to grow, develop and learn. We recognize that each person is on an inner journey, and we can actively support each other by the ways we live, learn, and work together. (right: photo by Birgitte Odgaard)

Our process of building the Soltane community is never finished – it is created anew each day, as we form and care for our relationships with each other. At Camphill Soltane, we create community through being of service to each other.