"Really, Soltane is not comparable with other "choices" out there for my daughter.  How can you compare the values base, the stewardship of Mother Earth, the focus on social skills and relationship- building, with the service-delivery model offered elsewhere?"

- Marilyn G., parent of student Annie G.

News & Events

May 28-31, 2014: Camphill Dialogue

April 24, 2014: Soltane Shines Tour, 4-5 pm

April 12, 2014: Wine and Fine Dining

June 26, 2013: Soltane Breads and Spreads Voted Best Bread 2013!



Is your son or daughter right for this program?

StudentCamphill Soltane is a vibrant community made up of young adults and adults with developmental disabilities, and full-time, residential volunteers and families who live, learn, and work together.  Read more...

Join Us For Our Signature Gala! April 12, 2014