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Work Opportunities

Camphill Soltane offers several ways for interested people to work with, live in, and engage our community.

Volunteer Coworkers

A volunteer coworker who lives on Camphill Soltane’s estate can have all basic needs met, including room, board, health insurance, access to vehicles, and a monthly stipend in exchange for working as a contracted volunteer for Parzival. Soltane can support a volunteer to work with Parzival for no more than three years, and can only support a volunteer if they keep in good standing with Parzival.  Parzival offers two paths for volunteer coworkers to take as contracted volunteer staff: Residential Supports & Day Program Supports.


Residential Supports

A volunteer coworker who supports residentially lives in one of the licensed, residential homes on Soltane’s estate alongside those who are supported in their home life.  This can involve preparing and eating meals, caring for the home, and enjoying leisure time together with those who are supported in the home.  As a volunteer, this often involves allowing one’s work life to coalesce with one’s personal life as the responsibilities for supporting someone with disabilities exists in the personal space of a shared home environment.  Volunteer coworkers who support residentially are expected to contribute to Parzival’s day program between 9am and 3:30pm, in addition to supporting activities between 3:30pm and 5pm, Monday through Friday.  They are allocated some flexible, on-call times through the week, and have one free day on the weekend.


Day Program Supports

A volunteer coworker who supports primarily in Parzival’s day program is given a room in a shared, unlicensed home that does not offer supports to people with disabilities.  They are expected to contribute to Parzival’s day program between 9am and 3:30pm, in addition to supporting activities between 3:30pm and 5pm, Monday through Friday.  During lunch each day, a Day Program Supports Volunteer Coworkers assists with lunch in Parzival’s day supports house.  They are not offered flexible, on-call time during the week, and they have one free day on the weekend.  In addition to supporting Parzival’s Day Program, Day Program Supports Volunteer Coworkers offer one on one support to individuals who live in Parzival's Phoenixville homes three nights a week and on one weekend day each week.  

If you are interested in completing an application for our volunteer coworker positions, please fill out an application form here.

Camphill Soltane


Internship Opportunities

Camphill Soltane can create internship opportunities either in connection to Parzival, or in connection to Soltane’s enterprises. As an intern, one can use volunteer experiences afforded by Soltane and/or Parzival to fulfill college degree requirements or earn college credits. Depending on the level of engagement, Camphill Soltane may be able to offer a variety of needs-based supports to interns.



Camphill Soltane runs several small business, including our horticultural enterprise, textile enterprise, our artisan foods prep & distribution enterprise, GCGC Greek Yogurt, Community Arts Phoenixville, the Soltane Store, and the Soltane Café. See here for recent job postings for the aforementioned enterprises.


Artists in Residence

As part of Camphill Soltane’s mission to actively cultivate a free cultural life, Soltane will consider applications for artist’s in residence.  If accepted, an artist in residence may be supported by the community to live in one of our homes and have their basic needs met in exchange for meaningful contributions to Soltane’s cultural life. Please contact us for additional information.


Renting in the Community

Camphill Soltane has, from time to time, unused rooms on our estate. When available, these rooms may be rented by people who either work for Soltane/Parzival in an employment relationship, or they may be rented to people who have no working relationship with these organizations, but simply value a community-based home life.  Please contact us to check room availabilities.  


I will always be thankful for my time living with and learning from the students and residents. In a lot of ways, I was able to learn more about life from them than I have learned in any institution or from most ‘able-bodied’ individuals.
— former volunteer coworker