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Off-Campus Vocations

Off-Campus Vocations

camphill soltane

The Job Placement program within Soltane Works maintains relationships with 16 employers in Chester County, with many opportunities to accommodate people's varying interests, strengths, and abilities, and offer pathways for personal and professional development. In addition to finding and supporting jobs for Soltane Works professionals, the Job Placement program works closely with Soltane's Learning for Life educational program to find pre-vocational placements for students.

Soltane owns and operates two off-campus businesses designed to offer our students and professionals fully integrated vocational opportunities within the local community: Soltane Café and the Soltane Store.

camphill soltane bridges cafe & bakery

Soltane Café

"Often a customer has the revelation, 'Oh, I didn't know this was designed to be a place to give work to people with disabilities.' Well, if we didn't have Camphill literature out on the shelves, no one would know! And that's when it feels that the social therapeutic work has arrived. We are just people doing meaningful work that contributes to the world." -Mark Doberenz


soltane store


Soltane Store

"The Soltane Store is a retail shop selling local, handcrafted, sustainable items from Camphills and beyond, as well as a training center tailored to developing the talents of people with diverse abilities and support needs. It is a hub for growing our community through workshops around creativity, handwork, and various crafting. The Soltane Store really defies definition as the whole is greater than the sum of its parts." -Danielle Cowan


It’s my first paid job ever. Working here gets my mind going!
— Stephen S., young professional in Soltane Works