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Camphill Soltane cultivates a rich and free cultural life through regular community festivals and art-based events. We have art-focused facilities both in Phoenixville and on Soltane’s estate that act as venues for various cultural initiatives.

Festival Life

As a Camphill Community, Soltane shares in a long tradition of celebrating the rhythms of the year through a Christian lens. Our celebrations are not intended as a tool for proselytizing on behalf of Christianity, but are rather offered as a means for folks to relate and connect to important points in the year, such as seasons changing, and to cultivate the human relationship to these events. As a community, we mark numerous Christian festival days with opportunities such as gatherings, shared meals, and festive activities. Such holidays may include Easter, Advent and Christmas, Halloween, Michaelmas (Autumn equinox), Whitsuntide (Summer solstice), and so on. Check out our calendar to see what’s coming for our festival life.  

Camphill Soltane supports many expressions of faith in our cultural life, and seeks to cultivate festival offerings rooted in other belief structures as well. Throughout the year, we may have events commemorating Jewish festivals, such as Hanukkah, Shabbat, and Passover. Soltane has hosted an annual Diwali festival, the Hindu festival of Light. Creating new festival opportunities occurs when an interested community participant connects with either Chris Clother or Sabine Otto to plan and prepare.


Community Events

Soltane offers and/or facilitates many non-festival based community events. Examples include our bi-weekly community morning meeting, men’s group, seven sisters women’s group, biography sharing groups, study groups, current events and political issues groups, and so on. These events can be started by any interested community participant, and can be supported and facilitated by Soltane’s Director of Community and Culture. See our calendar for what is happening now.



Art Events

Camphill Soltane creates access to the arts for all by offering regular art-based events and opportunities. These events can include hosting art shows in galleries both on our estate and in Phoenixville, supporting plays and musical events in our auditorium, facilitating singing groups to practice and perform, and coordinating art based workshops open to all. These events can work in conjunction with festival and community based initiatives. See our calendar for upcoming opportunities.