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Soltane’s Estate

Camphill Soltane

Camphill Soltane’s residential, lifesharing community is comprised of more than 40 people who live in and among a dozen buildings on our 58 acre, park-like estate in Chester County, PA.  There are folks who are supported to live in our homes, folks who volunteer/intern for Parzival, and folks who simply live here by renting space.

Several of Camphill Soltane’s Social Enterprises have their homes on Soltane’s estate, including our horticultural enterprise, textile enterprise, and Iduna’s Kitchen (food preparation and distribution).

Camphill Soltane’s partner organization, Parzival, coordinates and implements a broad and dynamic day program from Soltane’s estate, offering work and activity based opportunities for individuals with disabilities in many of Soltane’s buildings.  Parzival keeps administrative offices on the estate as well.