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Camphill Soltane Blog

News & Stories from Camphill Soltane, updated weekly.

Wine & Fine Dining 2016

Camphill Soltane

Camphill Soltane's 14th annual Wine & Fine Dining Event was a great success! Friends of Soltane, new and old, arrived dressed to the nines for cocktail hour. 

Cocktail hour was followed by a four-course dinner, cooked up by chefs Barbara and Charlie Orlando of the prestigious Yellow Springs Inn, after which the auction kicked off. Great fun was had by all!

Camphill Soltane student, Celine Heffron-Pero, gave a brilliant speech to the crowd, garnering a standing ovation!


Kathleen joined her fellow baristas from Soltane Bridges Café & Bakery to pour some delicious espresso drinks- the perfect dessert!

Along with fabulous auction items presided over by renowned auctioneer Ursula Hermacinski, our guests enjoyed several gorgeous wines and a truly special craft beer throughout dinner, all a gift of honorary chair Rob Fisher of Fisher Vineyards. 

Thank you to everyone who came out to make our 14th annual Wine & Fine Dining Event a great success! To our auction volunteers who worked their magic behind the scenes, to Chefs Barbara & Charlie Orlando and their amazing crew, to Rob Fisher, Ursula Hermacinski, and to our faithful friends, families, and board members, we are grateful to each and every one of you, and we hope to see you next year!

Special Olympics Winter Games

Camphill Soltane

by Jillian Keller

camphill soltane special olympics pennsylvania

The end of ski season is drawing near, and we're not happy about it. We, the athletes and coaches of the Camphill Soltane ski team, have only just begun. In early February, we joined Pennsylvania's Special Olympics athletes for three days of winter games. Five Soltane athletes competed in Alpine skiing at levels ranging from advanced to novice. We all felt it was over far too soon.

Everyone enjoyed the fireworks and excitement of opening ceremonies, and I could see pride as they repeated the athlete motto: "Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt." Some athletes succeeded by beating their previous times, and others were happy just to make it across the finish line! Everyone brought home a bit of gold. 

All season long the athletes have shown courage and determination in the face of poor skiing conditions. Indeed, this ski season was wrought with low snow fall, resulting in sometimes icy, and other times slushy, slopes. However, we have made it through this challenging season with zero injuries and an overwhelming sense of pride.

camphill soltane pennsylvania special winter olympics
camphill soltane pennsylvania special winter olympics

We've got a couple more weeks left to enjoy the slopes, but you can be sure that next year we will welcome the snow all over again.


Soltane's Homegrown Food Co-op

Camphill Soltane

by Jillian Keller

camphill soltane

While the Soltane Store in downtown Phoenixville has recently gotten quite a bit of attention, Camphill Soltane’s on-campus store in Glenmoore “has been around for as long as I’ve been here,” says Job Placement Coordinator Jim Colbert. 

At that time in 2001, a crew shopped for groceries for each house on campus. Over the years, many households began buying their own supplies from specialty stores and farms that offered healthier whole foods and organically-grown vegetables. In other words, Jim says, "People became pickier eaters." To respond to the demand for these items, the on-campus community store began to stock an assortment of organic goods and manage a large organic CSA share on behalf of the community.

camphill soltane

Each new store manager introduces innovations. In the last year, former coworker Sana Hirata implemented technology to expedite in-store ordering and billing, reduced waste by introducing bulk food dispensers for items like walnuts, quinoa, and popcorn, and implemented a weekly distribution of food boxes containing local and organic fruits, vegetables, dairy and bulk items to each house on campus.

New store managers, Cate Clother and Sabine Otto, are upholding the emphasis on locally-produced items. This winter, the store will be purchasing a cow share from Why Not Farm, a family-run business right here in Glenmoore.

camphill soltane

There are many reasons to love the on-campus community store. By purchasing high-quality foods as a community, the store can charge less than the retail price for many products, helping us conserve resources. Likewise, this model reduces trips to the grocery store, and eliminates the need for plastic bags and other waste associated with any shopping trip. More importantly, the on-campus store provides an educational experience for students and residents to learn many aspects of running a store. This enterprise also offers us a moment to come together as a community to discuss what to do with all those extra green beans!