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Available Positions

Camphill Soltane Available Positions and Job Openings for Volunteer Coworkers, AmeriCorps Members, Teaching Faculty and Paid Support Staff, Residential and Day Program Support.

Available Positions

Paid Staff Opportunities: 

Soltane Bridges: Direct Support Staff

Soltane Café: Part-Time Barista

GCGC: Part-Time Productions Employee

Volunteer Coworkers: We are currently accepting applications for volunteer coworker positions.

camphill soltane

To apply for a coworker position, start by accessing our online application and choosing an available position. The application has three parts - an application form, a health questionnaire, and 3 references. Following an initial review of your application, we may contact you for an interview. An admissions decision will then follow shortly thereafter. Should you be invited to Camphill Soltane as a coworker, you would be required to submit additional supporting materials: certificates of medical and dental health, a background check, fingerprints, proof of First Aid/CPR training, and proof of health insurance for the first 3 months of your service.

You will receive instructions on how to collect and submit these supporting materials in your invitation package. Please DO NOT submit these materials as part of your initial application, as they are only required AFTER an invitation has been issued. Once coworkers are accepted they must finance or arrange their own transportation to and from Soltane.

Please contact our Staff and Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator Kelsey Schwenk with any questions or for additional information about the admissions process.