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camphill soltane

Each year, several new students join Camphill Soltane and embark on the 5-year Learning for Life program. Students may join Camphill Soltane when they are between 18 and 22 years old, and will graduate after completing our 5 year program. After graduation, individuals may remain connected to Camphill Soltane as postgraduate apprentices, and subsequently as professionals working in one of many career fields within Soltane Works. Admission to the Learning for Life program is the starting point for future participation at Camphill Soltane.

camphill soltane

Students with a broad range of developmental disabilities may find a place at Camphill Soltane. When considering applicants, we look for overall compatibility between the student and our community lifestyle, a willingness to pitch in and contribute to the work, and a desire on the part of the student for continued learning and self-development.


Prospective families are encouraged to attend a campus tour prior to arranging an in-person interview. For those families traveling from a distance, a tour and interview may be set up for your visit. If the interview indicates a potential match, the family will be asked to submit an application. Following the review of the application, a 2-week evaluation visit will be scheduled. Coworkers involved with the applicant during the evaluation visit submit a report detailing the experience. After all evaluation visits for prospective students have been completed, senior coworkers, the Community Health Supports Team, and Student Admissions staff will make admissions decisions. Families receive notification by late spring or early summer for the upcoming program year, which runs from the beginning of September through the last week of July. Families should begin the admissions process 1 to 1 ½ years before their son or daughter wishes to enroll.


Camphill Soltane admits individuals age 18 and over to both day and residential education and/or adult services. Acceptance is conditional on a mutually agreeable funding plan. Individuals may be eligible for funding through their School District, PA Medicaid Waivers (Consolidated and P/FDS), or Base funding, and/or may also apply private funding. If an adult services agency is providing the funding,  a referral should be sent to Camphill Soltane, attn.: Admissions. Scholarship assistance may be available to provide need-based financial aid. Annual full service fees are set annually. 

Camphill Soltane does not discriminate based on race, sex, color, national origin (including limited English proficiency), ancestry, religious creed, disability or age.


Jeff has grown into adulthood confident and determined, and the Soltane community has done a wonderful job facilitating that.
— Debbie D., mother of former student Jeff