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Soltane Orchard

Soltane Orchard

Putting horticultural skills within reach of people with developmental differences.

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The Soltane Orchard crew's work changes in response to the seasonal needs of the land. Some activities run year-round, while others last for just 3-6 weeks. Soltane Orchard apprentices and professionals practice skills used in many jobs, especially the skill of flexibility to meet our various seasonal tasks.

There is often a limited window of time to complete a task. For example: fruit must be picked when it is ripe; not too soon and not too late.

Seasonal Activites

  • September/October: Apple, Black Walnut, and Chestnut Harvest
  • November: Leaf Harvest for Composting
  • December: Pruning Berries, Cracking/Shelling Nuts
  • December-March: Orchard Pruning, Labeling Products, Candle Making, Splitting Firewood
  • January/February: Maple Sugaring
  • January-March: Biodynamic Tree Paste Application
  • March/April: Nursery Work: Soil Mixes, Seedling Starting, Potting, Earth Boxes & Container Gardening
  • May: Netting Blueberry Garden
  • June-August: Berry Picking Season: Blueberry, Black Cherry, Mulberry, Raspberry, Blackberry
  • June-October: Mowing and Trimming
  • July-September: Container Gardening: Watering, Picking, and Freezing
  • Year Round: Composting for the community

Look for Soltane Orchard products- including Apple Butter, Berry Blues Jam, Salsa, and Maple Syrup- at Kimberton Whole Foods, Soltane Café & the Soltane Store in Phoenixville.

The work of the Soltane Orchard is to re-discover the ‘culture’ in ‘agriculture’ - practicing sustainable stewardship of a living earth while upholding the dignity and contribution of those with developmental differences.
— Mason Vollmer, Agricultural Director