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Soltane Bridges

Soltane Bridges

Camphill Soltane’s newest initiative, Soltane Bridges emerged as a response to those students and their families who wished to remain connected to Camphill Soltane after graduation from the Learning for Life program. Soltane Bridges gives some students, postgraduates and professional workers the opportunity to live in an urban setting in Phoenixville while participating in Camphill Soltane’s day program.

Camphill Soltane Bridges

Houses consist of two to three people who are supported by staff who in some cases live in the home. The small size of these households, as well as their proximity to workplaces and community resources, make the Soltane Bridges lifestyle an attractive option for individuals who wish to exercise a greater degree of autonomy and independence in daily life.

Individuals who participate in Soltane Bridges may apply their funding (Consolidated or P/FDS waivers) for residential services to Community Life Works, an independent service provider which partners with Camphill Soltane; and for day services directly to Camphill Soltane.

soltane bridges
We get the best of both worlds in our new life. We have kept our friends, work and familiarity of what we know at Soltane, mixed with the adventure, new opportunities and everyday experiences of four people living together in town.
— Mary W., former coworker at Soltane Bridges