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The Soltane Foundation Innovation Fund

Expanding our Impact


For 30 years, Camphill Soltane has provided innovative opportunities for meaningful work for adults with developmental disabilities. Located in suburban Philadelphia, Camphill Soltane owns and operates six distinct social enterprises that employ people with disabilities, including a cafe, gift shop, and a horticultural nursery. Now the Camphill Soltane Foundation is looking to expand its impact by supporting businesses outside the Soltane umbrella with small start-up and capital expansion loans with the Soltane Foundation Innovation Fund.


FUND PURPOSE: The Fund will provide start-up and seed funding to emerging businesses, and funding for expansion plans for existing businesses that:

  • Have (or plan to have) a significant portion of employees that have disabilities and/or barriers to employment.

  • Are founded by an individual(s) with a disability and/or barriers to employment.

INITIAL FUND: This initial Fund is meant to serve as a proof of concept to validate the model and determine best practices for fund expansion, including Benefit Corporation, Social Impact Fund, etc., the initial fund will solicit a total commitment between $125,000 and $150,000. The aggregate commitment shall not exceed $150,000.

The Camphill Soltane Foundation will also seek smaller designated gifts from its donor base to support the initial corpus of the Fund.

Committed funds shall be tax deductible and will be donor-designated gifts to the Camphill Soltane Foundation.

INVESTMENT: The Fund will make debt and/or equity investments in 3 - 6 businesses under this initial fund structure. Investments can range from $10,000 - $50,000.


INVESTMENT CRITERIA: Investments will be evaluated on

  • Quality of the business plan and confidence in the ongoing financial viability.

  • Ability to employ individuals with disabilities or other employment barriers.

  • Confidence in the business model to begin repaying the investment within 3-5 years, with a full repayment plus agreed-upon interest within 7-10 years.

THE FUND OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE: A volunteer advisory committee and the Fund Oversight Committee will review investment opportunities and ultimately approve investments. The committee may request changes to business plans/model prior to making the commitment.

The committee will be comprised of individuals with knowledge and expertise in the areas of investment. The goal of the committee will be to guide the company in business decisions and financial management.


ADDITIONAL FUNDS: It is the desire to either expand the size of this fund or create additional funds. Approach and timing will be determined by learnings of the initial fund.

FUND MANAGEMENT: The fund will be managed by the Camphill Soltane Foundation.

REINVESTMENT OF PROCEEDS: Funds received for both repayment of initial loan amounts and interest may be:

  • Recycled in the current fund for reinvestment.

  • Designated to a new fund within the Camphill Soltane Foundation, if the original fund is no longer making investments and a new fund has been created.

CONTACT: For questions, or to make a donation, contact Rachel Bowden at 484.986.4404 or