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Camphill Soltane Residency


Through our Residency, we hope to provide opportunities to grow the cultural community life on our campus while supporting artists, innovators, peace-makers, creative thinkers, and community builders in their creative endeavors.


ARTISTIC / Inner Work

During the duration of your Residency, Camphill Soltane will commit to supporting you in your area of artistic/inner work by providing: studio/work space if needed, access to Community Arts Phoenixville and its ceramics studio, and a quiet work environment on our idyllic campus.

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Community Engagement

Connecting and engaging with community life is an essential aspect of the Residency and life at Camphill Soltane. Engaging in community life can take many forms and may include: participating in the preparation and celebration of community festivals and events; cooking and sharing meals with those on campus and in our community; joining committees that facilitate community and cultural life; ride sharing and general willingness to help out as needed.


Service Commitment

Residency participants are expected to commit to a volunteer agreement forged the duration of their stay. This may be an agreement based on volunteering a set amount of hours to  the community each week, or completing a specific task needed.

Residency participants are required to offer a workshop, presentation, body of work, or other performance, free to the Camphill Soltane community at the end of their residency. Ideally this presentation will be a culmination of the work created during their stay.


Staying on campus

Residency participants are invited to stay on Camphill Soltane’s idyllic campus, located 40 miles west of Philadelphia, PA; 40 miles east of Lancaster, PA; 12 miles from Phoenixville, PA; and is surrounded by parks, bike paths, and numerous nature trails. We are adjacent to a gorgeous natural woodland in the Beaver Run watershed, perfect for year-round hiking. Our 52 acre campus is comprised of various buildings including a greenhouse with industrial size composter, an orchard, garden, and breathtaking historic barn which is home to chickens, rabbits, a pig, and two goats. Other amenities on our campus are: a gymnasium complete with a performance stage and sound system, a gallery space, a library, an outdoor pool, a fitness gym, and a sauna.

As part of the Residency program, free lodging in one of our beautiful homes with a private bedroom is provided. The duration of the residency varies by individual ranging from 2 weeks to 6 months.


To apply please submit a cover letter and resume to: Please include in the cover letter:

  • When you would like to begin your residency and how long you intend to stay.

  • How you will use your time in the residency program and what the focus of your art/inner work will be.

  • How you intend to share your work with the community of Camphill Soltane during and at the completion of your residency.


Visiting Artists

Our Visiting Artist program is for artists and musicians that wish to stay at Camphill Soltane for a week’s time or less. Visiting artists are provided a bedroom within a shared house on our campus along with a shared studio/practice space. Visiting artists are required to offer a workshop, presentation, or other performance, free to the Camphill Soltane community during their stay.

HOW To apply

To apply to be a visiting artist, please email Patrick Spatz. Include in your email:

  • Dates and duration of visit. Only dates submitted at least 2 weeks in advance will be considered.

  • Attachments/links to examples of artwork

  • A plan of how you hope to share your art/music with the Camphill Soltane community during your stay.