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Camphill Soltane Residency


Through our Residency, we hope to provide opportunities to grow the cultural community life on our campus while supporting artists, innovators, peace-makers, creative thinkers, and community builders to prepare for the next adventure in their lives.


Inner Work / Personal Development

During the duration of your Residency, Camphill Soltane will commit to supporting you in your area of inner work. How this support and time is used is your choice and will be unique to each residency participant. Some ways in which Camphill Soltane may support you in your Inner Work endeavors are: providing a studio/work space if needed; connecting you to an advisor within the local community to help you in your process; access to our art center, Community Arts Phoenixville and its ceramics studio as well as spaces on campus as needed; and providing a respectful appreciation for your inner work endeavors.

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Community Engagement

Connecting and engaging with community life is an essential aspect of the Residency and life at Camphill Soltane. Engaging in community life can take many forms and may include: participating in the preparation and celebration of community festivals and events; cooking and sharing meals with those on campus and in our Phoenixville houses; joining committees that facilitate community and cultural life; ride sharing and general willingness to help out as needed.


Outer Work / Service Commitment

Residency participants are required to make a service commitment of 100 hours every month in order to receive the full stipend amount of $500/month. Negotiation of a lesser hourly service commitment is possible but will directly impact the monthly stipend amount. There are four areas within the Camphill Soltane community in which residency participants may work.


Service Areas

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Work in the area of Arts involves supporting the artistic life and endeavors on campus and in our art center, Community Arts Phoenixville. Work in this area may include: leading classes and workshops, caring for the gallery spaces and curating shows, and helping with cultural events, festivals, and retreats. 

Community Building

Work in the area of Community Building may include helping in any of the various Camphill Soltane enterprises, connecting with the campus community, connecting with other Camphill and Anthroposophic communities, and connecting with non-profit organizations in the Phoenixville area.

Craft & Horticulture

Work in the area of Craft & Horticulture may involve work in Entwine, our textile design studio, and helping in the care of our campus, including working our orchards, gardens, composting endeavors, help with general land care, and in Nantmeal Nursery, our horticultural education center.

Human Supports

Work in the area of Human Supports involves working with our partner organization, Parzival, which provides residential and day supports for adults with intellectual disabilities.


Room, Board & support

Residency participants are invited to live for 11 months on Camphill Soltane’s idyllic campus, located 40 miles west of Philadelphia, PA; 40 miles east of Lancaster, PA; 12 miles from Phoenixville, PA; and is surrounded by parks, bike paths, and numerous nature trails. We are adjacent to a gorgeous natural woodland in the Beaver Run watershed, perfect for year-round hiking. Our 52 acre campus is comprised of various buildings including a greenhouse with industrial size composter, an orchard, garden, and breathtaking historic barn which is home to chickens, rabbits, and a pig. Other amenities on our campus are: a gymnasium complete with a performance stage and sound system, a gallery space, a library, an outdoor pool, a fitness gym, and a sauna. 


Free lodging in one of our beautiful homes with a private bedroom is provided in addition to, subject to completing a service commitment, a monthly stipend of $500 to cover other costs of living. If the $500 monthly stipend does not meet your financial needs, additional paid work may be available within the Camphill Soltane enterprises and community.


How to Apply

Please fill out our online Camphill Soltane Residency Application, and we will be in touch with you!

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and applicants may apply at any time. Expect 2-4 weeks for us to process your application and schedule an interview. Long distance applicants may be interviewed through a video call. 

Any questions may be sent to