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Upon graduation, students may have the opportunity to undertake a two-year post-graduate apprenticeship in Soltane Works to explore a variety of careers. 

After spending several weeks rotating through internships in each of the Soltane Works vocational areas, post-grads subsequently apply for apprenticeships during a Soltane Works career fair. During this process, post-grads discover new interests, and, in some cases, skills they never knew they had.

The apprentice may choose between Soltane's on-campus professional work areas, including the Textile Design EnterpriseSoltane Orchard, and Iduna's Kitchen. Also available for apprenticeship experiences are Soltane Bridges Café & Bakery and the Soltane Store in Phoenixville.  

camphill soltane


In addition to the apprenticeships, post-graduates continue their academic studies with a Core Course of their own. Living arrangements are adapted to allow some individuals to live with smaller numbers of people, providing a real-world context to practice a greater range of skills needed for more independent living.

Greater emphasis is placed on the postgraduate becoming responsible for his or her own learning. 


Surrounded by peers in a setting where he can practice the skills he has learned as independently as possible, Michael’s abilities and capacities have flourished. With Soltane’s support, Michael has moved out into the world with enhanced confidence and grace.
— Beth E., mother of post-graduate Michael S.