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224 Nantmeal Village Road
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Glenmoore Vocations

Camphill Soltane's enterprises offers collaborative and supportive work settings in a variety of fields, including textiles, artisanal food crafting, orchard care, retail, and more.


Soltane Works 

A Model for Meaningful Inclusion

camphill soltane

In the Soltane Works vocational program we approach work with the premise that real work is meaningful work. We think work becomes meaningful when we are able to turn our passion into a profession, when we are allowed to develop and overcome obstacles on the way to mastery and success, and when we are surrounded by colleagues who offer support, teach us, and learn from us in return. Our work gains further meaning when it enables us to interact and collaborate with like-minded individuals and to fulfill the needs of others.

Currently, we provide supportive work environments and meaningful careers for Soltane's residents and day participants, structured learning opportunities for post-grad apprentices, and valuable pre-vocational experiences for students in the Learning for Life program. We have work places for people who are passionate about sustainability, organic gardening, fiber arts, nutritious food production and preservation, baking, cafe service, estate work, and retail enterprises.

Through connections to local businesses, partnerships with like-minded professionals, and sales of our products and services to the wider community, Soltane Works members have the opportunity to build genuine professional relationships. Soltane Works is dedicated to employing practices that nourish and heal the environment, and generating revenue by offering goods and services to Camphill Soltane and the wider community. 

Iduna's Kitchen


Iduna's Kitchen

"Every day, I look forward to seeing how much the professional have mastered a technique, adding to their foundation for success. Their attitude of wanting to work is inspirational." -Clare Kinsella

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Camphill Soltane




"Every day, we come together to create. We face challenges, we thrive in our problem solving, and we celebrate successes. We are weaving beautiful fabric and making lovely products, but more importantly, we are learning about ourselves, and building true confidence with in. My hope is for each weaver to feel empowered with a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment in what we do.



Soltane Orchard

"There is a natural partnership possibility between re-discovering our role as sustainable stewards of a living earth, and recognizing the humanity of people with developmental differences. I like to call this 'awakening the inner gardener'- a new generation of farmers and artisan food crafters who seek to heal the earth while helping one another." -Mason Vollmer


From a very young age, Kathleen was determined to enter the workplace. We see her confidence growing as she negotiates the requirements of each job and receives feedback for her work. While paid employment remains a long-term goal, we are grateful to Soltane for giving her the necessary tools to continue ‘Learning for Life’
— Leslie R., parent of young professional Kathleen